International PR

Thanks to digital communications, it has never been easier for organisations to expand internationally, reaching new audiences, partners and customers.

But supporting such expansion with international public relations is not always straightforward. Different countries have different cultures and approaches when it comes to engaging with the press, undertaking online and offline marketing and telling corporate stories. It’s not enough to take your UK press release and send it to a few new press desks. You need to understand the processes and practices of a whole new landscape.

Networking globally
We’ve long worked with clients based all over the world, in countries including Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and The USA. This means we’ve built up an equally long-term understanding of the PR landscapes in these countries, and broad networks of technology and media professionals. Expanding internationally? We can leverage these networks to get you the exposure and contacts you need.
International media relations
We maintain networks of top-quality press contacts in multiple countries, so we can target your stories to precisely the right individual, in precisely the right formats. We understand how Australian websites want their press releases formatted and how US publications expect to receive pitches for thought leadership.
Research and insights
Need to understand a new local market better? Our relationships with market research firms and analysts mean we can help you understand your new marketplaces and unlock new opportunities as a result. We also have a strong international partner network of like-minded PR agencies on hand to support localised distribution of press releases and manage a full scale media relations campaign.

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