Marketing Communications Strategy

Effective marketing communications requires a strategic approach. What does that mean?

We mean an integrated, multi-faceted approach, incorporating multiple communications channels, all carefully selected as appropriate for your business. And we mean a contextualised approach, understanding your wider marketplace and competitor landscape so that you stand out from the noise with a distinctive value proposition.

Integration with business goals
When we develop a marketing communications strategy we don’t merely consider how the strategy can support your business goals; we align the key messages, narratives and calls to action to reflect the marketing and business objectives. These create a consistent theme for all forms of communication throughout the client organisation, from business pitches to event presentations to sales collateral. We help you to define a distinct position in the market, a voice and a culture with clarity and strength, and a long-term plan of action which builds on its own successes.
Thought(ful) leadership
To stand out in crowded and dynamic marketplaces, you cannot merely describe what your products and services do. You need to be a voice of authority and innovation, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of your industry, your customers and the challenges they face. Our approach to media relations goes far beyond press releases and works to create genuine thought leadership, always.
Measurements and metrics
We know that you need to assess the success of your marketing communications strategy constantly and adjust it where necessary. We set clear parameters for success for every project, ensuring a culture of continuous improvement. If you are working towards internal goals, such as a product launch or preparing your business for investment, these are built into both our planning and our performance measurement.

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