Crisis Communications

Whether through human error, technical failure or malicious activity, the technology sector is rife with potential business-disrupting incidents. Not to mention unavoidable incidents that all industries need to deal with, from natural disasters to loss of leadership.

In an ever-connected world, bad news can spread (and multiply) fast, and small incidents quickly risk turning into reputation-decimating disasters. Furthermore, regulatory and legal frameworks such as GDPR mean that responding in the wrong way can have serious financial implications.

Rapid response at perfect pitch
Our decades of crisis communications experience for some of the world’s biggest technology organisations, coupled with our extensive network of media contacts, mean we are perfectly placed to get you on the front foot when it comes to crisis response. While our reaction times are rapid, our approach is always considered, with each press statement and social media post considered as part of a cohesive crisis communications plan.
Training and planning
Not every crisis can be predicted, but there are processes your business can put in place to prepare for disruptive eventualities. We can help you develop a clear crisis communications framework, covering both internal and external communications and appropriate lines of approach. We can also deliver media training, building confidence for the big moments.
Reputation repair
In the aftermath of business downtime or disruption, there is often repair work to be done. Whether you need to clearly explain to all customers and partners what has happened and what you are doing next, or you need to reassure the marketplace that it is business as usual, crisis communications strategies should continue long after the original incident. We can help you rebuild your reputation and return your revenues to where they should be.

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