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The cyber threat landscape is ever-changing with new challenges presenting themselves daily from phishing to man-in-the-middle attacks. As the trends change and grow, so too does our knowledge.

We have years of experience working with some of the world’s leading security software and hardware vendors, as well as cybersecurity consultancies and resellers. Our clients have been part of the conversation on everything from state-sponsored interceptions to ransomware that travels around the world.

Reaching multiple audiences
Whoever your target customers are, we know how to place top-level commentary in the publications that matter most. This means reaching management teams as well as their IT security personnel, and working with business-focused and trade-specific publications as well as the specialist security press.
Generating expert commentary
In the cybersecurity sector being a voice of reason and tangible advice rather than stoking needless fear is paramount. We understand the difference, and know how to create both reactive commentary and proactive thought leadership which offers something new to the conversation.
Producing multimedia content
We are masters at translating complex technical material into context-appropriate language, whether for whitepapers, customer case studies, blogs and website content, videos or infographics. A range of rich content keeps you visible and engaging, and ensures that non-technical target customers truly understand your business.
Crisis communications
In the cybersecurity sector, expecting the unexpected is par for the course. Our decades of experience working with clients at board level and dealing with print, radio and TV media means that we are best-placed to help you navigate any potential crises with clarity.
Facilitating rapid response
Responding lightning-fast to breaking news stories and data breaches is what we do best. By getting to know the client inside and out, we can produce rapid responses in minutes, getting you ahead of the competition for media coverage.
On-trend, always
From tracking the movement of key influencers through our up-to-the-minute media database, to monitoring technology and security trends across a vast array of publications, our trend-tracking strategies ensure you are always commentating at the industry’s cutting edge.

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