Consumer Technology

Consumer technology is one of the most diverse and competitive sectors within the wider technology industry. Success means building a solid foundation of favourable reviews in a range of consumer publications and positioning the client as a leader in their field – something we have been achieving with great success for many years.

We have worked with some of the largest consumer brands over the last two decades, including a market-leading media streaming provider, an international home networking specialist, an IP home monitoring expert and a music streaming platform.

A strategic reviews programme
We are experienced in building solid and sustainable review programmes, ensuring that your product gets into the hands of the most influential journalists, freelance writers, influencers and bloggers at precisely the right times throughout the year.
Social media buzz
Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook have never been more important for consumer brands, presenting unparalleled opportunities to get closer to customers and engage in conversation. We are well-versed at managing our consumer clients’ social media outputs, both on a reactive and a proactive basis.
Year-round media management
We work closely with journalists from a wide range of specialist consumer technology publications and websites, as well as consumer and technology editors on national publications such as the Daily Mail. By understanding their year-round feature schedules, and their approach to calendar events, we ensure your content fits the brief.
Facetime with the media
We understand how important it is to get facetime with top tier journalists. That is why we remain hands-on during media briefings, planning and staffing meetings with leading publishers across London and the UK.
Tried and tested trend-tracking
We monitor the movement of both key media influencers between publications and broader industry and media trends, to understand the reactive and proactive content most likely to get you front and centre.
Consultancy for media partnerships
Advertising remains a large expenditure in consumer technology and requires a significant investment both in terms of time and budget. Our role is to take control of the process to make it easier for our clients, liaising with publishers to create engaging content suitable for target audiences.

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