Media Relations

Media relations is synonymous with PR, but it isn’t just defined by how much time you spend talking to the press. It covers a host of deliverables from issuing press releases and pitching story ideas to journalists, to comprehensive media training and round-the-clock media monitoring.

Having worked closely with the media for more than 20 years, we are well versed in getting coverage in the publications that matter most to our clients, securing features with the biggest national newspapers and largest trade publications.

Credibility with the media
Media coverage garners credibility and verifies your content as both newsworthy and authoritative. Our relationships with key journalists across various outlets mean we’re primed to get their attention with your story.
Getting to know SEO
Journalism lives in the digital space which means press coverage adds to the overall SEO footprint of an organisation. By securing coverage in high-ranking publications like the Guardian and the BBC we can enhance your visibility and ensure your company ranks high in a Google search.
Telling your story
We tell your story in a clear and compelling way. That means we work to understand your market and your unique proposition. Most importantly we seek out the real story that will keep readers engaged. Our writing style is clear, factual and evidence-based because that’s what the press demands.

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