Social Media

Social media channels help you access a potentially huge and global audience at minimal upfront cost and complexity – what’s not to like?

Yet creating and sharing the right content in the right way on the right platform is a nuanced business. Social media is by definition about dialogue, not just broadcasting; and how to best generate that dialogue varies hugely between businesses and social media platforms.

Creating the conversation
Our approach to social media management can involve proactive scheduling, ensuring that you are keeping your profiles regularly refreshed with engaging content, and reactive management, responding to queries and comments. Above all, we aim to create interactive dialogue with your audience.
Getting involved and holding back
‘More is more’ is a common misconception when it comes to social media. But not all platforms are relevant for all organisations, and spreading yourself too thinly can be a waste of resource and generate unnecessary complexity. We will advise you on the most appropriate platforms for your organisation and focus on building your audience engagement there.
An integrated approach
Social media management should not sit separately from other forms of marketing and communication. Rather, social media channels offer an additional means of disseminating PR and marketing content, whilst your original content plan should be one of the main engines of your social media schedule. Whether you already have in-house social media resource or not, we ensure that your broader content strategy is fully integrated.

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