As people demand access to an increasing number of services online, while also expecting a fast, seamless experience in their offline lives, there has been a sharp rise in products and services developed to help consumers better navigate digital transactions.

In order to meet these demands, businesses rely on an ecosystem of specialist tech and IT companies to deliver solutions that enable them to be competitive and in a crowded market, these circumstances makes PR all the more important.

We have worked with several leading eCommerce specialists including a leading omni-channel retail solutions specialist, discount voucher provider and shopping discovery platform.

Reaching target audiences
eCommerce and omni-channel is fast becoming the norm in the retail sector, which means engaging with a more digital-first audience. We recognise the ways in which content needs to be presented to the media and your wider network of influencers, and go the extra mile to understand the intricacies of your business.
Going above and beyond
Awareness is not just about getting recognition from the press; it involves a whole network of activities that, when combined, create a complete picture of your brand. We have the expertise you need to create comprehensive campaigns that build in social media, infographics, videos, event management and more.
Telling your story
It’s important to stand out among the competition in a busy industry. Whether it’s through multimedia channels or the written word, we will create content that shines a light on your business and makes you a leading example of best practice.
Tracking trends that matter most
We monitor both the movement of key media influencers between publications and broader industry and media trends, to understand both the reactive and proactive content most likely to get you front and centre.

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