Showcasing the future of medical communication

Siilo is a mobile messaging app that is revolutionising the way that medical professionals communicate with each other. By providing a secure and confidential platform, they are enabling improved efficiency and patient care. Context first started working with Siilo in 2017 to improve their visibility and share of voice within the health-focused media and national titles.


The Challenge

Siilo is a secure mobile messaging app for the healthcare industry who enlisted Context’s help in 2017, to broaden their visibility and improve share of voice in both health-focused and national media. 

Based out of Amsterdam, Siilo was founded by a former surgical resident and registrar, who saw the vulnerabilities of using messaging apps such as WhatsApp in medical environments. Siilo is completely secure and GDPR compliant and connects over 70,000 medical professionals globally.


The Solution

Context implemented a comprehensive strategy for Siilo that focused on the medical background and knowledge of their senior team, as well as the improvements that the app can bring to communication in all levels of medicine.

By-lined articles on topics connected to healthcare technology and communication within medical facilities helped to cement Siilo as a thought leader in the space.

Additionally, a selection of case studies from users with a range of roles in medicine helped to showcase the versatility and ease of use of the platform.


The Results

In the last year, Context has gained coverage across healthcare, business and national publications with an overall reach of 105 million.

Key coverage highlights include healthcare publications such as Digital Health, MedTech Engine and Practice Business.

Context also gained coverage in national and international titles HuffPost and Forbes.