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Mia-Platform is on a mission to make life easier for software developers working on modern cloud-native applications. Its Internal Developer Platform brings together all the tools, templates, and documentation developers need in one place, allowing teams to share and re-use common resources when building new digital solutions. As well as the platform’s core solutions, Mia-Platform has also developed bespoke offerings for key growth technology markets including banking and insurance, healthcare, retail, and mobility. 

Mia-Platform has been recognised as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, as a ‘Cool Vendor for Software Engineering Technologies’ by Gartner, and has been named for two years in a row among the top 10 Italian tech companies in the FT 1.000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies ranking by The Financial Times. 

“If we can bring order to the software development process, teams can focus on deploying applications that create value while the compliance, security, and administrative tasks are all taken care of by the platform”, said Giulio Roggero, co-founder, and CTO. “As a young coder, I was once given the unenviable task of manually transferring three million lines of code from one operating system to another. Three million lines! I somehow made it happen, but I decided at that point that I did not want another platform developer to suffer as I did – there must be an easier way. So that’s when I set my mind towards creating a better developer experience.”  

This was the ethos on which Mia-Platform was born, and it quickly became the platform builder of choice for developers around Europe, the UK, and in the US. It was time to tell the company’s story and demonstrate its expertise in changing the game when it comes to platform engineering. 

Experience counts 

Having set up operations in the UK in 2021, Mia-Platform was looking for a tech-savvy PR partner to reach IT decision-makers and C-Suite managers in its target vertical markets, as well as beating the drum for platform engineering. Context was chosen for its experience in the IT media relations market and its established understanding of the cloud-native sector, having worked with clients in cloud security, such as Check Point Software Technologies, and composable architecture with Emporix. Our brief was to secure a foothold in core IT media and vertical sector publications in the UK with selective pitches to US and global outlets in preparation for Mia’s expansion plans beyond Europe. 


"From the outset, Context understood both the complex developer language around platform engineering and the macro challenges across various market sectors that we set about solving through our innovative solutions. This enabled results to come quickly and a wealth of great media coverage that aids our positioning, brand building, and sales drive, as well as provides the feel-good factor around the company as our team celebrates our media wins."

Nicolò Cambiaso Erizzo, the Head of Marketing & Communications of Mia-Platform


Expert thought leaders 

At the head of each business unit, including the industry-specific startups Mia-FinTech and Mia-Care, we had the advantage of an expert leader that we could put forward for thought leadership articles and industry commentary opportunities. The strategy was to hook into the macro technology themes, such as the drive for open insurance or the use of big data to improve healthcare, and position our experts as thought leaders offering insights into how to solve some of the biggest challenges in technology today, and how to accelerate digital transformation. 

Growth stories 

The other tool in our armoury was to publicise the growing ecosystem of technology partners joining the Mia-Platform Partner Program and adding their plugins within Mia-Platform Marketplace, a self-service catalogue of ready-to-code software components: templates, examples, plugins, and applications. These included best-in-class technology companies like IoT innovator Medisanté, authentication solution provider Futurae, and cloud banking provider Mambu. Through this partnership programme, we had the opportunity to showcase Mia-Platform’s expertise in the various vertical markets and put Mia’s subject matter experts in numerous vertical media publications. News was also generated via new client wins and with the launches of specialist packaged solutions, such as a payment integration hub, an open insurance hub, and digital identification services. 

The added value of local knowledge 

One of the main ways we were able to add value to a growing European brand was to make our stories relevant to the UK experience. That meant researching UK-specific references to show that we were leading the thinking on current issues and could transform technical ideas into media-friendly subject matter and thought leadership.  

For healthcare, we curated a piece on patient data security that we localised to reflect the challenges being faced by the NHS, delivering the message that technology is the key to securing patient data. On embedded insurance, we were able to start conversations about the journey of traditional insurers to becoming InsurTechs, while the necessity of adopting digital identification solutions in an increasingly vulnerable world of cybercrime played well in the FinTech space.  

"We greatly enjoy working with the team at Context. They have brought creativity, fantastic content creation, and are very knowledgeable about technology media relations."

Valentina Motta, Senior PR and Communications Manager


During the first 12 months of working together, we placed 87 news stories across media channels covering technology, IT and channel, FinTech, healthcare, insurance, and general business press. 

We also devised, wrote, and placed 25 thought leadership articles on topics as diverse as sustainable cloud computing, digital identification technology, AI in healthcare, multimodal city infrastructures, effective IT cost management, and patient data security. 

Our senior spokespeople were asked to give their opinions in interviews and features covering Chat GPT, the future of the insurtech market, trends in embedded finance, and how to look after your people.

12% of coverage appeared in the highest-tiered media categories, and 50% of coverage appeared in media with respected domain authority as a measure of the quality of their placement. In addition, half of all coverage was also shared via the media’s own LinkedIn and X channels to further amplify our voice.