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The power behind ecommerce 

In the comfort of our homes, we have taken for granted the power of ecommerce. Providers like Amazon operate with such efficiency that we fail to appreciate the complex digital ecosystem that supports them. Serving as the vital link between the business and its customers, ecommerce providers must continue to innovate to meet evolving customer expectations.

Our client, Emporix, is looking to become a major player in this crowded marketplace with its cloud native, ‘composable’ commerce platform. It allows you to create a bespoke digital commerce offering using best of breed applications to differentiate your customer experience from competitors. In particular, it targets the complex world of B2B ecommerce.


A complex technology with a simple message: “better business”  

Traditional ecommerce software solutions are known as ‘monoliths’. The functionality is contained within one big integrated platform. This can hold a company back from innovation. If you want to update one function, such as the checkout or payment process, you must update the whole system and go through laborious testing before you can get back online. You are also limited in options to customise your offering by the ‘one-size-fits-all’ functionality of the software. 

Emporix disrupts the monolithic model by providing a composable solution that allows you to deploy and manage a range of applications from Emporix, third-parties or even your own to make your ecommerce solution highly customised and agile. As you update or change an app, the rest of the platform remains unaffected – it doesn’t need to be taken offline as you make the change.


Getting the word out 

When creating content for Emporix, we have to strike a balance between something that is understandable to a wider audience, beyond those with a background in coding, while also staying true to the unique selling points of our client. Emporix is based on the principles of MACH, for example, which stands for; Microservices, API first, Cloud native, Headless. As a relatively new term, but an innovative approach to building digital platforms, explaining MACH was an important objective for us. Furthermore, the composable approach opens the door to innovations like combining ecommerce with process mining. In brief, this means taking live data from the business and using it to optimise the ecommerce experience. Demonstrating how these wider and exciting new technologies play with ecommerce was also an important part of our brief.

With all this in mind, we embarked on a content marketing programme that would help position Emporix as a knowledgeable player in this new sector of a crowded ecommerce market. Content was written in close collaboration with the client’s organic SEO and social media teams to improve search ranking for key terms like ‘composable,’ ‘headless’ and ‘MACH’. But not all content was aimed at search. We knew that a key objective was to educate prospects who were looking to migrate from monoliths to the new composable approach but were unsure of the benefits and how to move to a new platform. 

As well as content marketing, we also carried some tactical media relations on a global basis. Stories included new customer wins like the US-based B2B supplier of disposable products, AmerCareRoyal, as well as key business partnerships, like the one with Celonis, new product offerings, like the Commerce Execution Platform (CXP), and accreditations, such as membership of the prestigious MACH Alliance. 


One to watch… 

As a result of our combined efforts with the internal marketing team, Emporix is starting to get recognised as ‘one to watch’ in the world of cloud native ecommerce solutions. As well as gaining traction on social media and in leading ecommerce publications, we have built a solid library of helpful blog content that conveys the benefits of what is a radical shift in ecommerce technology. Emporix is now regularly cited in industry reports and in January 2023 was invited to take part in the New York meeting of the MACH Alliance.  

For the future, we aim to make more use of media relations to reach a global audience. Emporix already has a foothold in the United States as well as established customers in Europe and the Middle East. We are working on a programme of white papers and deep diving into complex topics such as event driven architecture, making them accessible to a business audience and clearly communicating the benefits that Emporix can offer with these new technologies.

With such a cutting-edge technology client, our work is never done. Emporix continues to innovate with new applications and new integrations to stay ahead in the race to become a leader in the field of composable business applications. We are by its side in translating its developments into valuable content.