How to make your Cyber security PR stand out from the crowd

The pandemic forced millions of people to work from home, taking them out of the secure company network and out into the land of cyber risk. Criminals have become more sophisticated with almost daily ransomware attacks and credential fraud and now cybersecurity is not only at the top of the IT department’s agenda; it’s of concern to CEOs in every sector.

When Americans couldn’t fill their cars because of the Colonial Pipeline attack you could be sure that cybersecurity was also attracting attention at the highest levels of government. So it’s no surprise that there are more cybersecurity stories in the media than ever before. It’s equally no surprise to find that there are many more players and expert commentators in the sector.

Our white paper; How to make your Cybersecurity PR stand out from the crowd, gives you some insightful advice on how to secure your profile in such a crowded marketplace.

The white paper covers everything from understanding the media landscape to making use of your in-house experts while giving tips on getting that tier one coverage on TV and in national media.

One of the key themes is the need to stay abreast of the news agenda so that your contribution is relevant and meaningful in a fast-moving market. It explains how you need to move beyond a reliance on just bashing out press release and adopt a more bespoke approach of comment, by-lined articles, case studies and original research, tailored to different media.

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