SPINR Appoints Context for Public Relations Campaign

Cloud-based data and API integration platform SPINR, has appointed Context to deliver a comprehensive public relations campaign, focusing on driving awareness of their offering across financial services, technology, e-commerce, healthcare and the public sector.

SPINR enables any organisation to control and maximise their data using a single, straightforward platform through which data can be brought together from any number of sources, so it can be viewed, transformed and shared across departments and between companies.

This makes the process of integrating, cleansing and sharing data simple, efficient and accessible to all, especially for SMEs and smaller businesses, where this level of data management capability is often unattainable.

Context will be responsible for delivering a comprehensive media relations campaign, promoting new and existing partnerships, product enhancements and building SPINR’s profile across sector verticals.

Martino Corbelli, Chief Product Officer of SPINR, said: “Our partnership with Context is a significant marker of our intent to grow a successful tech business, focused on easing the flow of data, which is the fuel that all businesses depend on. Gartner forecasts the global data integration market to reach $25Billion by 2027, with a CAGR of over 14%.”

SPINR was born out of the successful Shaping Cloud Group, and the brainchild of Carlos Oliveira, the CEO and founder of both ventures.

Frank Smith, Managing Director of Context, added: “We’re used to hearing how effective data management can drive new products and services, but for many SMEs in particular, achieving this is prohibitively expensive.

“The efficiency of the SPINR platform will help smaller organisations unlock the value that’s hidden in their company data, accelerating creativity, innovation and growth.”