Smart Heating Start-Up Koleda Appoint Context Public Relations

Swiss start-up Koleda has enlisted Context for an intensive media relations campaign centered around their new smart heater – the SOLUS+.

The SOLUS+ has been years in the making, with intensive development and testing leading to the company’s move to crowdfunding, which will help elevate their European manufacturing process and move to global markets.

Smart home integration is a key element within the SOLUS+, and the production version will not only be smart home ready, but will be controlled through an app, that also lets consumers see their energy consumption per unit.

Context will be focused on bolstering Koleda’s crowdfunding efforts as well as running a review programme when the production units are complete. Their Indiegogo round finishes on the 4th June, and has a target of €50,000.

Toma Paro, Head of Strategy for Koleda, said: “In the lead up to our Indiegogo funding round it was important that we increased our PR efforts to solidify our messaging around our product SOLUS+ and raise awareness of our goals.”

“The team at Context have already been working closely with us to increase awareness and help cement our core messages and values regarding smart home, sustainability and energy cost monitoring in our heating technology.”

Luke McDowell, Account Manager at Context added: “It’s always exciting to work with businesses that have the ability to disrupt entire markets, as Koleda does.”

“We’re really looking forward to working with them as their funding round advances and their company journey really takes off.”