Mobile spyware detection specialist Certo appoints Context for PR Campaign

Mobile spyware detection specialist Certo Software has appointed Context to focus on raising the profile of Certo AntiSpy, the only iOS spyware detection tool on the market.

Certo AntiSpy is an easy to use service that allows users to scan and detect spyware and tracking apps on their mobile devices, even those designed to be undetectable. The software is able to detect a huge array of mobile threats and jailbreaking, in addition to checking app permissions of legitimate apps that can be used to track a user’s locations.

The use of spyware and stalkerware has risen sharply in the UK during lockdown, and as a result Certo has seen traffic to its website double over the last few months. There has also been an escalation in domestic violence, with Refuge reporting that calls to its helpline have increased by two-thirds.

Context will be responsible for developing and delivering a comprehensive media communications campaign to promote Certo’s solutions and partnerships, increasing awareness amongst consumers and the cybersecurity industry.

Jenni Livesley, Account Director at Context, said: “Stalkerware can be a very serious issue for people living in difficult domestic circumstances. Certo mitigates these risks by providing a discreet solution that enables users to identify and remove malicious stalker apps. We look forward to working closely with them to raise awareness of these issues and ensure people have access to the services they need.”