Introducing New Clients in 2020

We have welcomed a number of new clients over the last few months including software simulation company Simul8, wireless communications specialists Cardo Crew, and mobile security experts, Certo Software.

Digital simulation specialist Simul8 offer a unique, evidence-based approach to decision making through the use of digital modelling. Simul8’s sophisticated software has been used by some of the world’s leading organisations across manufacturing, healthcare, automotive and pharmaceuticals and medical devices and many more, helping to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Cardo Crew operates as the B2B arm of wireless communications experts, Cardo Systems. Pioneers of wireless Bluetooth technology, Cardo Crew recently developed a module for PPE manufacturers to introduce advanced communication capabilities to protective equipment.

Mobile security specialist Certo Software have years of experience in spyware and stalkerware detection. Certo’s products help people safeguard their privacy as well as deliver peace of mind with the only iOS spyware detection tool on the market.

We will be working with each of them to deliver high-value content and build strong relationships with their target media. For more information on our client experience, click here.