Should I be Using Threads?

On launch day, Threads, a ‘Twitter’ alternative, attracted over 100 million users, surpassing ChatGPT to become the fastest app to reach that many sign ups. Despite the initial explosion, the platform has experienced a significant downturn in active users, with a 79% drop from 2.3m in July to 576,000 in early August. Despite the drop, early signs show that companies are seeing better engagement. World Planet found that 87% of brands they analysed in July had more interactions on Threads compared to X 

However, there has been a lot of controversy around the social platform X, formerly known as Twitter. From technical glitches to the rise of hate speech and misinformation, users were crying out for an alternative outlet to share their thoughts in a safe space. Some established brands have tried to draw audiences their way. For example, TikTok recently decided to introduce text only posts.  Meta’s latest offering, Threads, appeared to be the saviour. 

While the future of Threads has very quickly become uncertain, it is no surprise that marketers are trying to figure out exactly what it is and more importantly, whether it’s relevant to their key audiences. Here, we weigh in on whether Threads is right for everyone and offer tips on what to consider before signing up to a new social platform.  

To Thread or not to Thread 

This is not the time to get profound, but Gandhi once said “it is better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.” What we are saying is that you shouldn’t feel obliged to follow a trend just because everyone else is doing it. You need to make an informed decision about whether it is best for your business.  

From a B2B perspective, Threads gives you the opportunity to connect with audiences and start conversations in a less crowded space, with a big focus on authenticity. The caveat is that your key demographic might not be on board yet. That means you may be playing the long game while you wait for widespread adoption. It is also worth noting the current demographic of the platform. According to reports, the user base is largely made up of Gen Zs (18 to 24) with males making up the largest proportion with 68%. This may be a factor when deciding if that is the audience you are trying to engage with, and there may be other channels better suited to your needs. 

Threads is also not a marketplace for companies to sell products and services, although that could change in the future given Meta’s track record. Right now, it is designed to be a space to share opinions, encourage conversation and provide insights into areas of expertise. So, if you are willing to invest time into a platform with limited returns at the beginning, it might be a good test bed for new ideas. 

Top tip: Why you should always claim your handle 

Regardless of whether you decide to explore Threads in the long run, we suggest claiming your corporate handle. Not only does this stop others using your name inappropriately, but it also gives you consistency across all platforms for brand recognition.  

If you find that your company name has already been taken, there are a few things you can do. First, make contact with the account owner. Everything has a price, and they may be willing to sell it to you. Second, if the account has been inactive for some time, you may be able to speak to Meta and have the handle reissued.  

It pays to be curious 

PR and marketing are two constantly shifting industries and the tools are always changing. It is important that you go in with an open mind and be prepared to challenge yourself.

If you are unsure about the direction you should go, or you are writing a new social media strategy, why not email us at and speak to our team of experts.