Meet the Team: Tacita Berriman

In the next instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, Account Manager Tacita Berriman, talks about her journey from Manchester Metropolitan University Press Officer and her hatred for supermarket sushi.

How did you get into PR?

I originally studied Classics at undergraduate and postgraduate level at University, focusing on Ancient Greek Language and Philosophy. This developed into a passion for the way that we use language, which led me to a couple of years working in language schools in China and Egypt. When I returned to the UK I adapted my skills and moved into marketing and copy writing roles, and it was when I  was working in the marketing team at Manchester Metropolitan University that an opportunity arose to take over the PR activity for the Business School. My manager supported me to work with the university-wide press officers to learn about the role and take on the additional responsibility. I found that I really enjoyed talking to the academics within the Business School and helping them tell their story to the media and after a short time I was given the title of Faculty Press Officer.

And how did you join Context?

I applied for a job at Context because I was keen to work with a wider range of businesses and Context offered the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the varied ways that businesses use technology.

What excites you most about tech PR?

Technology is used in almost every business now, and we have technology focussed clients working in a wide range of industries including automotive, healthcare and public services. For a lot of these businesses PR is about spreading the news and telling their stories around how their tech solves problems and helps people in their sector.

And what do you think will be the industry’s biggest challenge in the future?

I think businesses may have trouble keeping up with the rate of development. Especially with developments in wireless technology and 5G – we are constantly updating and changing the standards but there can be a real lag between the development of the tech and the point at which that tech is actually available to businesses. It would be terrible to see progress being held back by a lack of agility.

Who would be your dream client?

 I still love history so any Museum using tech in an interesting way would be fascinating to work for.

What would be your last ever meal?

Sushi. But proper sushi, not that rubbish I’m always eating for lunch from the supermarket. (Sorry supermarkets!)

Favourite film?

At the moment Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Everyone who has stayed at my house in the last year has been forced to watch it.

What are you currently binge watching?

Line of Duty – Like everyone else!

All-time favourite song?

Doreen by Frank Zappa. Never get tired of hearing that.