Part 3 - Ellie Howarth

In the third edition of #CoffeewithContext, we catch up with Account Manager Ellie Howarth, who celebrated her birthday on a Greek island recently. Ellie is an adventure-loving chocoholic, who loves to snowboard, hike, paddleboard and do basically anything else outdoors! Here are some excerpts from our chat:


What’s your motto in life?

I don’t really have a life motto, but I guess I live my life trying to see the good in every situation and try to have compassion and understanding when things are frustrating. I do challenge and question things when it’s appropriate, but I don’t let them bog me down.

What’s your greatest personal achievement to date?

My partner and I have bought a house recently, something we’ve been saving for, for a long time. That definitely feels like a huge achievement. It is a renovation project though, so I feel like the house won’t quite be my greatest achievement until it’s all finished!

What series are you currently binge-watching?

Recently I started to watch X-Files from the beginning, which I am really enjoying. I watched it as a little kid, but it is really cool to watch it as an adult. It is kind of nostalgic but also like you are watching it for the first time, because you don’t remember much of it!

Who inspires you the most?

I’ve been very lucky to have met some fantastic people over the years, in and out of work, and I try to take the best things from all of them, there isn’t one single person.

 How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

Yoga, gym, heading outdoors! A few G&Ts at the weekend!

What advice would you offer to someone considering a career in PR?

I would say don’t worry about needing specific qualifications. I worked my way up through experience, trying my hand at lots of different things, asking lots of questions and learning from people around me, so I’m a big advocate for that but it doesn’t mean the traditional education route isn’t right for someone else.