Inbound Marketing

Content plays an essential role in the marketing and sales process. From attracting and engaging prospects and generating leads, to nurturing interest during the buying cycle and ensuring existing customers remain sold, it is vital that the right content is available at the right time.

However, many businesses struggle to identify the impact of their content and fail to realise its full potential in the marketing and sales process.

As a certified Hubspot partner, we help organisations establish inbound marketing programmes that put prospects and customers at the centre of all communications. By using the Hubspot platform as the foundation for linking all content and communications activity, we provide technology companies with a service that delivers lead generation, lead tracking and lead nurturing. We also provide a communications strategy that supports sales conversions and ongoing customer retention.

The ability to track a prospect or customer’s interactions with content ultimately allows businesses to identify the approach that works best and demonstrate a clear ROI for all communications activity.

Hubspot integration
We guide our clients through the processes involved with implementing and integrating the Hubspot platform. This includes integrating with existing assets, such as a company’s website, the company blog and its CRM software, whether this be a new adoption of the Hubspot CRM or integration with an existing CRM platform.
Integrated communications programmes
We provide clients with an integrated communications strategy and programme, designed to maximise ROI in the Hubspot platform and wider marketing activities. This includes services designed to attract interest from prospects, such as media relations, content marketing and social media activity, through to services designed to support sales conversions and customer retention, such as email marketing.
Lead generation and lead nurturing
Through the Hubspot platform, we use content to identity and track leads and nurture them throughout the buyer journey. This ensures content is used effectively during the sales process.
Sales conversions and customer retention
Content and communications activity continues to play an important role in supporting sales conversions and ongoing customer retention. We work with clients to ensure relevant information is available to prospects at all times and customers continue to receive value from all future communications.

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