How to get your healthcare technology story noticed

When it comes to PR and communications in the healthcare technology industry, government policy and peer-to-peer relationships play a prominent role in driving the agenda.

This is true across a range of industries of course, but more pronounced in the healthcare sector. Take the government’s recent focus on IT interoperability and the resulting plans, including its 2018 announcement of £200 million worth of funding for leading digital trusts.

Interoperability is often cited as the number one priority for most NHS IT leaders and it’s issues like this that healthcare technology providers must be mindful of when planning their communications approach. Ignore these narratives at your own peril. Your product alone is unlikely to ever be the story!

How to get your healthcare technology story noticed
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But keeping on top of healthcare trends is only one part of a successful PR or wider communications campaign. In order for your efforts to have an impact on decision makers and influencers in the industry, they have to engage on an emotional and personal level too. For all the policy and peer-to-peer references, your story must ultimately resonate with people.

In this whitepaper, we explore the elements that make a compelling and successful healthcare technology PR campaign, including the issues to look out for, tips for presenting your story and the different ways you can reach (and engage with) your audience.