Part 4 - Samuel Brunt

In this edition of #CoffeewithContext, we sit down with Account Executive Samuel Brunt. He joined the Context team two years ago after graduating from The University of Leeds with a degree in English Literature and Language. Sam loves to play rugby when he gets the time and is an indie psychedelic-rock musician. You can catch him playing gigs with his band Suave Martyrs on the weekends. Here are some excerpts from our chat:


What’s your go-to mantra in life?

I’d say, take it as it comes. You can plan for things, but it doesn’t always go the way you think it will. It’s good to roll with the punches and be content with what’s around the corner.

What’s your greatest personal achievement to date?

Me and the band are running our own events now and our last gig was really good. I would say my best achievement is in the works and is going to take place in June next year – We are planning a full-day music festival called ‘Down in the Woods’ in Levenshulme. We are hoping to get about 1000 people down so hopefully that will be the biggest one!

What have you been binge-watching/reading/listening to recently?

I am currently reading Lord of the Rings. I have seen the films, but in the books, Tolkien writes a lot more than the films can ever portray, so it’s a brilliant experience.

Who would you say is your hero/idol and what would you say if you met them?

I have always liked Ernest Hemingway; he would be an interesting guy to meet. And I think I’d probably let them talk as much as possible and keep out of it. If you meet your idol, you should stay in the background and just let them do the talking.

How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

I try and do as much of my hobbies as I can. I am not playing rugby at the moment, but I am doing a lot of music stuff. I think that’s the key, make sure you enjoy the things you do rather than just vegetating when you are not at work.

What advice would you offer to someone starting their career in PR?

Understanding what your client wants and needs out of the relationship is a key part of PR. Some are looking to raise awareness through media coverage, while other want to focus heavily on social media and content marketing. Building a good rapport at the beginning helps you do a better job for them. Other than that, it is really important to have a good team to work with. I feel happy that we at Context are a close-knit group looking out for one another.

What lessons have you learnt from the Covid pandemic?

Keeping in contact with people and having a good network is important, but at the same time make sure you are happy in your own company, because you might end up spending two years with it.

We asked Sam a bunch of rapid-fire questions, answers to which he later explained –

Favourite artist – Rolling Stones – They are the first band I got into, I like what they did to blues and moved it on. They are still going and they have still got it. They have influenced a lot of what I do, guitar wise.

Favourite film – Withnail and I – The dialogues and scenes are very well written. Definitely worth a watch.

Favourite food/cuisine – Curries – I like cooking them. There is such a wide range of stuff that goes in them. I like to do a mix between Moroccan, Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese flavours and make it interesting.

Favourite time of the year – Summer – It’s so much better, people are out and about doing activities, and there is daylight for a long time so it feels like you can get more stuff done. And it’s festival season as well.